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100 Years Cosmic Rays Anniversary of Their Discovery by Victor Hess
- Day 1 -

Celebrations are going on in Bad-Saarow for the 100 years discovery of cosmic rays by Victor Hess. 

Bad-Saarow is the place where Victor Hess landed after one of his balloon lights. On August, 7th 1912, his balloon ride at 5,300 metres altitude lead him above the Schwielochsee lake in south-east Brandenburg. Victor Hess was able to prove the existence of high-altitude radiation penetrating the atmosphere from outer space using three ionisation measurement devices that he brought with him during the flight.

The evidence of cosmic rays given by Victor Hess was the latest step of a long road of results and theories. The first day of the celebration was dedicated to Hess’ life and to all pioneers who paved the way to this discovery such as C.T.R.Wilson, J.Elster, H.Geitel, A.Gockel, D.Pacini, Th.WulfW. Kolhörster and D.V. Skobeltzyn.

Pictures from left to right, top to bottom:

  • Bad-Saarow is the place where Victor Hess landed after one of his balloon flights,
  • full house at die Bühne for the 100 years anniversary of the discovery of cosmic rays,
  • Victor Hess’ grandson introduced us the man behind the Nobel prize winner who was his grandfather,
  • public lecture in the evening by Prof. C.Stegmann, member of the DESY Board of Directors and HAP member, about 100 years of cosmic rays developments from Victor Hess’ balloon flight to the H.E.S.S. telescopes in Namibia, the IceCube experiment at the South Pole and the Pierre Auger Observatory in Argentina.

(credit for all pictures: HAP / A.Chantelauze)

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